Gastro стелажи

Gastro стелажи

– durable

– hygienic

– easy to maintain

– easy to use

– can be customised

– can be disassembled

– easy assemblage

– easy disassemblage

– wide area of applications

Product Description

The Gastro rack is a storage system that is characterised by its plastic grilles which are easy to put it and remove. If the rosters are removed, Gastronorm containers and dishes can be placed in it.
The rosters are available in 2 sizes: 21.6×41 cm and 7.6×41 cm. This allows us to offer a wide selection in lengths. The depth of the shelves is 41 cm. The space underneath the Gastro racks is 20 cm, and it allows for enough space when cleaning. Levelling feet can be applied with this amount of space underneath or more. The space underneath can be increased in steps of 5 cm. The same applies to the space between the shelves. The smallest amount of space underneath is 15 cm. The spaces in between do need to be the same and they also go up in 5 cm steps. The load bearing capacity is 120 kg per running meter of shelf. The temperature resistance is -40° C tot +80°C when cleaning. The rack can be installed easily and quickly The rack can be assembled by one person, without tools or technical knowledge.


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