Индустриални палети H3 Eco 1200x1000mm

Индустриални палети H3 Eco 1200x1000mm


– Recycling pallet for the general logistics & handling and the transport of KLTs

– Industrial pallet for medium weight loads

– Economic price and high quality

– Made from regranulated material of one single type only

– 3 runner pallet without recesses

Product Description


Made from regranulated material, the H3 industrial pallet is ideally suited for use in the non-food sector and for transporting KLTs. This 3 runner recycling pallet offers maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness when handling medium weight loads. This extremely economical load carrier has no recesses at all. At Craemer “ECO” signifies “first class regranulated material”. That’s our contribution to responsible handling of raw materials.



Type: H3 ECO
Art. No..: 83182211
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Runners, welded
Runners, unwelded 3
Antislip plugs
Rims (height in mm) 7
Central box retainers
Integrated reinforcement profiles
Transponder (868 MHz)
Dimensions (mm) L:1200
Weight (kg) 19,5
Material *3
Virgin material
Regranulated material
Colour black
Load capacity *2 (Kg)
 Static 5000
 Dynamic 1250
 In racking system 850


Loading quantity’s (pcs) approximate amount 20′ Container: 141
40′ Container: 300
40′ Container high cube: 340
Conventional trailer 45’ high cube container: 390
MEGA-Trailer (13,60 x 2,45 x 3,00 m): 468
Jumbo: 540


Labeling options Hot stamped letters, logos and numberings on request, depending on volume:
on the foot of the 1200 mm sides, max. size 90 x 90mm,
above the access openings on the 1000 mm sides, max. size 280 x 30 mm,
number of 15 mm letters: 18 (1 line), number of 30 mm letters: 13 (1 line)



All technical data include characterisic features, which have been tested under specially defi ned conditions. Varying data may result from different conditions of usage such as loading method, prevailing temperature and length of storage time. Our service team is pleased to beat your disposal to check the special requirements of your individual application.


Static load: resistance to pressure on a flat ground surface and an evenly distributed load at a room temperature of approx. 20 °C.

Dynamic load: on a forklift with an evenly distributed load at a room temperature of approx. 20 °C.

In racking system: evenly distributed load (sacks) along the longitudinal sides. Resting on two supports for over 100 h at a room temperature of approx. 20°C.


Although still within ISO compulsory range, the load-bearing test results using pallets made from regranulated material show slightly more variation than those from virgin HDPE.


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Status as of 01/2013


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