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    • Големи пластмасови контейнери


      For highest hygienic and qualitative requirements

      Dimensionally stable, food-safe and resistant to acid

      Nestable (stackable only with lid)

      Accessories: Lid, Trolley

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    • Европалети D1 Eco 1200×800 mm


      – Light weight pallet with only 12 kg tare weight
      – Plastic pallet with robust construction, so durable and economical
      – Sustainable quality: Consistent in form, no splinters, easily cleaned, minimum pallet damage, minimum goods damage, less downtime
      – Easy to clean, no recesses
      – The Craemer D1 plastic pallet has a service life of 10 years or more…
      – Made from regranulated material of one single type only
      – Optional: Euro pallet with up to 14 continuous anti-slip profiles from the upper to the lower deck surfaces
      – Optional: Plastic pallet equipped with transponders: thus optimising your logistics processes
      – Optional: 22 mm rims
      – Optional: PopUps retainers for safe empty stacking

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    • Европалети H1 Eco 1200×800 mm


      – Extremely economical recycling pallet
      – 3 runner pallet without recesses
      – Made from regranulated material of one single type only
      – Stability, strength, durability
      – A perfect supplement to KLTs (version with 11 mm antislip rims)
      – Accessoires: Reel saddles and multi-purpose wedges for the storage and transport of reels
      – Optional: Antislip on the underside of the runners
      – Optional: Welded runners

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    • Европалети TC1 Eco 1200×800 mm


      – Recycling pallet with high resistance to damage

      – High shock resistance thanks to solid wall thickness

      – As a heavy duty pallet perfect for heavy duty loads

      – Totally Closed – permanently completely closed plastic pallet

      – Patented welding geometry

      – Compatible with all standard closed deck plastic pallets of the same format

      -Made from regranulated material of one single type only

      – Optional: Antislip surface

      – Optional: With 22 mm rims or without rims

      – Optional: Anti-slip stripes

      – Optional: With reinforcement profiles

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    • Европалети C5C 1200×800 mm


      – Euro pallet with only 12 kg tare weight

      – Euro pallet with overall height: only 145 mm

      – High durable plastic pallet through using pure HDPE for injection moulding

      – Limited suitability for use in a high rack system

      – Dimensionally stable in temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +70 °C

      – Optional: As non-stop pallet with screwed deep-drawn sheet

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    • Европалети C5C Eco1200x800 mm


      – Manufactured from regranulated material of one single type

      – Recycling pallet with only 12 kg tare weight

      – Overall height of this euro pallet: only 145 mm

      – High durability

      – Extremely easy handling

      – Limited suitability for use in a high rack system

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    • Европалети C5C non-stop 1200×800 mm


      – Euro pallet with thermoformed top layer

      – Especially designed to work in synergy with Heidelberg printing machines

      – Plastic Pallet with welded runners

      – Materials guarantee production processes without any interruption whatsoever

      – Pallet: Virgin material, Non-Stop deck: ABS

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    • Европалети CR1 1200 х 800 мм


      –  вградени подсилени профили за изключително висока товароносимост;
      –  стандартно оборудване: два интегрирани транспондера (UHF, 868 Mhz) за RFID технология;
      –  анти-плъзгаща повърхност за по-голяма безопасност на товарите;
      –  с или без ограничители.


      – опция за допълнителна анти-плъзгаща повърхност по долната страна на основата;
      – аксесоари: приспособление за ролки и многофункционални ограничители за по-добро съхранение и транспортиране на товари на ролки.

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